Memorial Craftsmanship

Posted On 16/01/2020

If your looking for a memorial with something a little different, where memorial craftsmanship is an important factor.

Then pop in and see us to explore all the options available.

Hobbies and favourite past times are often portrayed as a final testament on a headstone or memorial. 

memorial craftsmanship by Larcombe's Memorials

And the simplicity of this design works so well on limestone.

The black engraving is really quite distinctive.

memorial craftsmanship by Larcombe's Memorials

Installing the headstone is the final item of work, and this is where the memorial craftsmanship really stands out.

So there you have it, a long standing tribute to the one you love. 


We have a wonderful selection of memorials at our showroom in Par near St Austell in Cornwall.

And there’s always someone to talk to about your memorial.

If you would prefer you can arrange an out of hours appointment to ensure that you won’t be disturbed.

Open from Monday to Friday from 8 – 5 & on Saturdays from 9 – 2. 

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