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Choosing a memorial is a very personal matter in which we, as Professional Memorial Masons, offer a mixture of traditional skills and modern technology to produce distinctive head stones and cremation memorials of the finest quality.

When you choose a memorial, please bear in mind that different cemeteries and churchyards have different rules and regulations regarding size, shape, material, finish, style, etc.

Our specialist knowledge of grave headstones and memorial headstones together with our vast experience can guide you in the selection of a memorial acceptable to the cemetery or churchyard concerned.

You may want a headstone with a special bespoke design or perhaps an inscription carved in a certain style. We aim to please, wherever possible, we can offer a layout proof to allow you to see the proposed layout for approval before any work is commenced.

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There is only a limited selection of memorial types that we can showcase on our site. If you do not see what you require, please contact us and we will endeavour to satisfy your requirements.